Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Car!

Well, we finally took the plunge. We are officially adults. We purchased a car that is actually reliable! Because we are moving away from family, it was necessary to purchase a car that could drive us back safely . . . without us worrying about it dying on the highway :-)

We bought a 2007 Nissan Altima, and we absolutely love it! Although it feels a little odd to drive such a beautiful car. I'm actually afraid of driving it because it matters if something happens to this car. But we love it!


So, we are trying to get caught up with the world of technology (because we are so technologically handicapped), we have received the wonderful guidance from our friends the Thiots . . . well basically Stacy. Thanks!
We think this is a prime time to begin a blog because Jake just received a job offer with Merrill Lynch. He will be a Financial Advisor; basically he invests people's money, and plans for their retirement. We are so excited for this new adventure because we will be moving to the Palm Springs area of Southern California on May 12th! It's amazing to think that REAL life is going to start for us, and we feel so truly blessed to be given the perfect job for us!
With all of this recent excitement, we decided it was necessary for us to be able to keep everyone updated on our lives. Plus, we want to stay in touch with everyone as well. So, here we are blogging!