Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween Fun!

we had a lot of fun this halloween because brielle is at an
age where she can wear cute costumes
and almost understand what's going on :)
she had two different options for her costumes this year.
a cute lady bug or a flower-fairy...
we loved them both.
so we used them both :)

our ward's trunk-or-treat activity was a lot of fun...mostly for jake and me
we got the candy :)
but everyone was just so enamored with our little bri in her cute ladybug costume.

we try taking pics of her, but she doesn't understand the concept of holding still.
must be the age.
but she's still super cute in her costume.

she absolutely LOVES pumpkins and even says "bye bye punkin" every
time we left the house.

she was a little concerned at first because dad was hurting the "punkin"
but she was totally interested and ended up really liking
her pumpkin carving experience.
especially the candles that made it glow :)

brielle is really into pointing out facial she didn't hesitate to point out
the pumpkin's face too.
"bite" (means mouth in bri language:)

we took her to the harvest festival here in corona where she sported her other costume.
she was a little too young to really get involved in the activities,
but she's never too young for pics!
these two are bestest friends...especially when she's squealing running around the house,
and jake is chasing after her...
love those moments as a mom!

this was a hilarious shot of our sweet precious lil girl's attitude.
she's a pro at letting us know her feelings about any situation
the glare.

bri and i amidst the fun festive background. jake's a great photographer!

what a perfect little poser...cute!

i absolutely love this pic of brielle. she is so precious, and we love everything about her!

we had a lot of fun as a family this halloween, and can't wait to celebrate the next holiday with a little addition to our family!