Thursday, September 23, 2010

So Cal Fun!

We have always loved So. Cal but being from UT there was usually one reason: Disneyland! Both of our families really never came down here unless they were going to the magical kingdom :) Now that we only live 30 min from the park; we are happy to say that we're getting the most out of our season passes!

Brielle absolutely LOVES Disneyland. Now that she's old enough to really recognize the different characters she just gets so excited when she sees anything and everything that has to do with Mickey Mouse. She'll even just squeal "Mimi" when she sees a balloon in the shape of Mickey's head. It's so much fun to go to Disneyland for your kids instead of for yourself. We've realized that's a lot more fun to see your kids get excited about something and have just pure joy on their faces than for you to experience it for yourself.

Because I'm over 7 months pregnant, and because Brielle is so little we get to ride all of the super exciting kid rides. Brielle's favorites are: Jungle Cruise, Tikki Room (thanks dad), Dumbo, and the Carousel. Any ride that has animals - it's her favorite. She's always mimicking the sounds they make. When we were on the carousel last night she started stroking the horses' head and saying "nice" a result of us trying to teach her how to play nice with other children. During the Jungle Cruise she can't sit still because she's always scouting out the next great animal she's going to see. While growling with the lions, making monkey noises with the gorillas, blowing like an elephant, and labeling every animal she recognizes we just sit back and love every minute of it!

We've loved the fun times we've had there just this past summer, and we can't wait to continue going with family and by ourselves until our passes run out!

We have always loved Southern California, but being from UT there was one main reason: Disneyland!!! Both of our families really never came down here unless we were heading off to the magic kingdom :) Now that we only live 30 min. from Disneyland; we are happy to say that we are getting the most of our season passes!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Now that we are finally settled down in Corona, CA, and that we think we'll stay in the same apartment for at least a year; I have more time to get caught up on the things that have been pushed aside. So, I'm going to do a little catch-up on my blog because I insist at being good at this!

We were able to go up to UT around the 4th of July and spend time with our families. As part of the Boulter/Oaks reunion we go camping at beautiful Joes Valley. I was worried about how Brielle would do in a tent, but she did amazingly well. She absoultely LOVED being outside all day long, and thrived on getting all dirty and rugged from the great outdoors. We had a lot of fun camping with family and letting Brielle play with some of her own little cousins around her age.

After camping we were lucky enough to be in UT when Becka and Brian blessed their new baby boy Dean. We love being with family on those special occasions. The next day was when everyone held their 4th of July celebrations. Brielle got all dressed up in the cute patriotic dress and we headed off to the festivities in Provo. Brielle and Trey were able to hang-out together and we all had a blast at the parade.

We loved being back in UT with family, but were ready to get back to Cali and really feel like we're establishing ourselves as our own family unit.