Friday, July 9, 2010

Cali Update

We've been here in palm Desert for about 2 months now, and we're loving it. jake has been working extremely long hours at work. He is at the office before 6 am, and doesn't leave until about 6 pm. He takes his big series 7 test on Thurs. He's excited about the challenges of this career, and is so dedicated that I know he'll be very successful.
Brielle and I have grown really close because we only have one car, and we don't know that many people in the area. It's also extremely hot here; so we don't go outside that often. She is just growing up so incredibly fast. She is running and talking all the time. It's fun to see her develop and grow each day.
Our other exciting news is that we just found out that we will be adding a little boy to our family at the end of Nov! We are SO excited to have another one, and know that it's the Lord's will. He is an extremely active little guy, and we're having fun planning for another little one.

Well, this is a brief update, and I hope to get a lot better at blogging. Actually, I'd love to fix my margins and make my font smaller, but I've had some issues because I'm so not technically inclined. But we all start somewhere :-)