Thursday, February 24, 2011

We Miss those Smiley Eyes!

Last week Colt giggled! It was the cutest sound I've heard in a long time. He is full of smiles, and it makes every bad thing go away.

It has been over a week since my adorable little guy smiled :( The day after his first giggle he started making a terrible sound...a really bad cough. It continued to get deeper and worse for the next two days so I finally took him into the doctor. Well, it wasn't great news: Colt has Croup (he coughs so deep that it sounds like a bark).
Colt is too little to take the normal medicine that they use to treat Croup. So, the doctor perscribed a nebulizer, and then had me go and get x-rays taken of my 2 month old. I was really scared as a parent to hear that I had to get x-rays, but they were worried that there was something worse going on in his lungs.
The x-rays were no fun. I had to put protective coverings on and then hold my tiny baby down on a table while they took multiple x-rays. No baby should have a cough like Colt's or go through the tests that he endured. :( Thank goodness the results came back normal! The first good news we've had in awhile.
We have now been giving Colt breathing treatments at least twice a day. It's really hard to see his really watery, sad eyes look up at me as a fit of racking coughs take over his tiny body. He basically stopped eating, and would just cry all day with no way to calm him. I hate not being able to take the pain away from him; it's probably one of the hardest things you have to do as a parent. Well, we've been using the nebulizer for a week now and I think there is some improvement in his cough.
We miss our happy, smiley little guy, and pray that he'll come back to us soon.

Here's our cute little guy with extremely long lashes! :)
Love him!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Blessed Weekend!

This face perfectly describes our weekend - so much fun!!! We were so excited to have both of our families come in town this past weekend for Colt's blessing. Brielle absoultely LOVED seeing her "papas" (grandpas and grandmas), "Dadin", "Tent", and Kate! We have been extremely spoiled since we've moved to doesn't really even feel like we moved that far away because we've seen family every single month since we moved in May. Spoiled much?...I think so! (or just the first to move away on either side of the family :)

We were able to spend the day on Friday with both families at Disneyland. It was nice to have family there because Jake and I were finally able to go on an adult ride together. It's been years since I've been able to enjoy something other than the Dumbo ride because I'm not prego anymore :)

Colt was a little stinker who decided that as a 2 month old, he didn't need any naps that entire day. Let's just say that it was quite the happy day for him... :)

On Saturday we went to a fun swap meet in Costa Mesa, and then headed off to the beach to enjoy the Cali weather and get our families out of the freezing Utah winter.

This is how Brielle started her beach excursion.... and ....

this is how she ended it. Let's just say that she got a little too brave :)

After a fun couple of days together, Sunday was the perfect day for the perfect blessing. We were so grateful that our families showed us the importance of church ordinances by both making the long, but short trip down here to be a part of Colt's blessing. We love them so much, and can't wait until they need another break from the cold ;)

As an answer to my prayers, Colt was actually alert and happy for his blessing. It was a beautiful blessing, and I'm so grateful for a husband who is close to the spirit to be guided as to what he should bless our first son with.

the whole group...except Liz Bratt (Kate's friend) our wonderful photographer!

Proud Dad

Gotta love him!